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October 31, OpenAir will broadcast new music on 1340 AM in Denver and online. The new station will provide listeners with a comprehensive music experience, focused on recent music of the past 15 years with a Colorado perspective.

“OpenAir will be a fun and educational destination for music enthusiasts to learn about new music and discover new ideas, new bands, new sounds and new possibilities,” said Mike Flanagan, program director for OpenAir.

Some of the bands you can expect to hear on OpenAir include Yo La Tengo, Yellow Ostrich, Animal Collective and 13th Floor Elevators, as well as deep tracks off of albums by artists like Neil Young, Muddy Waters, Spoon, LCD Soundsystem, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Arcade Fire. We’ll also feature recording sessions with local artists like Paper Bird, Port Au Prince and Danielle Ate the Sandwich who’ve recently visited OpenAir’s studio.

Tune in to 1340 AM for a sample of what's to come on Oct. 31.

“OpenAir is a natural extension of CPR’s mission,” said Mike. “We’ll offer an in-depth exploration of music with thoughtful interviews, performances, vinyl classics, and much more.”

CPR announced plans in June to convert 1340 AM in Denver from all news to a new-music station. CPR will continue to broadcast in-depth news on 90.1 FM in Denver and classical music on 88.1 FM in Denver.

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OpenAir’s announcers and hosts have deep connections to the local music community and they’re eager to discover and share everything about new and local music with listeners.

“We’re going to play new and stimulating music,” said Jessi Whitten, OpenAir’s music director. “Some of the people who follow this music don’t listen to the radio. We hope to restore their faith in radio.”

“We’re not going to be sitting at a computer shuffling a playlist,” said Corey Jones, producer/announcer for OpenAir. “We’re committed to informing listeners about the new music community. And we’re ready to dig to uncover stories about Denver’s music scene and beyond to help educate and inspire CPR listeners.”

Jessi and Corey join Alisha Sweeney, Brandee Castle, Scott Aller and Mike Flanagan on the OpenAir team. Together they’ll create a space where listeners can experience a meaningful connection to today’s music and the earlier music that has inspired it.

“New and exciting music is being made right in our own backyard in Colorado,” said Alisha, morning host and assistant music director. “On top of that, there’s never been a better time to discover music because there is so much of it out there. I’m really looking forward to inspiring people to check out some of the lesser-known artists who’re putting out really great music.”

Listen to OpenAir 1340 to hear perspectives from Alisha, Brandee, Corey, Jessi, Mike and Scott starting Oct. 31.

Photo: The OpenAir team: From left to right: Corey Jones, Jessi Whitten, Mike Flanagan, Alisha Sweeney, Scott Aller, Brandee Castle.

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Listen throughout the month as Colorado Public Radio’s news team shares in-depth reports on a number of key issues in the 2011 election. Education Reporter Jenny Brundin will look at education funding and Prop 3, a statewide measure that would raise taxes to create a $3 billion fund for education over five years. Jenny will also provide perspective on the Denver Board of Education election.

Look for additional reports from CPR’s news team on local measures that could have statewide impact, like Boulder’s plan to split from Xcel Energy to start its own utility company or the debate in Fort Collins and six other communities over the sale of medical marijuana. We'll also be tracking the controversial lawsuit filed by Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who’s attempting to stop the City and County of Denver from sending ballots to people who didn't vote in recent elections. It could affect tens of thousands of potential voters.

CPR's news team will explore these issues and share information to help you make sense of the election with in-depth coverage all month long. And stay tuned to CPR’s news stations on Nov. 1 for election results.

Photo credit: Flickr user Jeffrey Beall.

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Virginia Berkeley is a self-described news junkie who’s married to a classical music aficionado. So, she sees being on CPR’s Board of Directors for the past eight years as a perfect fit.

“Public radio is one of the few remaining media outlets that gives you the information and lets you make up your own mind,” she says. “I think that’s very important.”

One of the accomplishments she’s proudest of is the board’s decision several years ago to expand CPR’s news coverage – an effort that has increased the news department’s productivity, made “Colorado Matters” more timely and issue-oriented, and added hourly newscasts and drive-time news magazine features.

“I think it was the most important decision we’ve made while I’ve been on the board because CPR has to provide something unique and local. And it helps build our role in the community.”

Down the road, Virginia says she wants to travel more. “I want to explore other parts of my world: Colorado, the United States and the earth. I want to be exposed to and understand more diverse cultures and religions.”

Virginia has served on CPR’s board as chair, chair of its Finance Committee, board treasurer and as a member of the board’s Executive Committee. She is the President of Colorado Business Bank in Denver and has over 20 years of banking experience. Virginia has also held board seats on the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City – Denver Branch, COPIC Companies, the Colorado Historical Society, and Mountain States Employers Council.