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The wait is over for listeners looking to explore new music. This Halloween, OpenAir launched on 1340 AM and online at

“For the past few months, we’ve been looking forward to telling people to tune in and listen to OpenAir,” said Program Director Mike Flanagan. “It’s very exciting to actually be sharing music rather than talking about what it’s going to sound like. Now you can just listen to find out.”

“We launched OpenAir with the support of an extremely dedicated and talented team of individuals who have extensive experience working in radio,” continued Mike. “Collectively, this group has a deep-seated passion for new music and established connections to the local music scene. Their knowledge and expertise will provide listeners with an unparalleled listening experience and opportunities to discover new music.”

Learn more about the voices behind OpenAir:
Mike Flanagan, Program Director
Jessi Whitten, Music Director
Alisha Sweeney, Morning Show Host / Assistant Music Director
Corey H. Jones, Announcer / Producer
Brandee Castle, Web Director / Host

Read what the Denver Post and Westword have to say about OpenAir, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!


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OpenAir Program Director Mike Flanagan has a passion for exploring new music, something he discovered as a kid when he saw how the world reacted to Elvis. He’s spent most of his career sharing his expert knowledge of music with listeners, and joined CPR to continue doing just that on OpenAir. 

Mike began his radio career at the age of 16 when he hosted an evening rock show on KWSH in Wewoka, Okla. “My world really changed when I discovered radio,” said Mike. “I remember feeling really cool knowing that I was in charge of playing music that thousands of people were listening to.”

Over the years, Mike has worked for several stations and has experience at all levels, from hosting and producing to programming. You may recognize his voice from his days as a CPR classical music host in the 90’s. Most recently, he was the general manager for the University of Colorado at Boulder's nationally-recognized student radio station, Radio 1190.

“Throughout my career, I’ve come to realize that a big part of enjoying music is learning what influences it and exploring different genres and sounds,” said Mike. “My hope is that OpenAir will become a destination for music enthusiasts to discover new music and connect with the local music scene.”

Read more about Mike Flanagan.

Photo: Mike Flanagan.

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CPR’s news team develops stories to inform you about a number of different issues. And listeners actually play an important role as sources by participating in the Public Insight Network (PIN). PIN is an online tool used by our news team to gather insight, perspective and experiences from listeners to add depth and voice to our news coverage.

Lee Hill is CPR’s PIN analyst and reporter. PIN members share their comments and submit queries to Lee, who looks through the information to find news sources for various stories.

“When I sift through queries, I’m looking for responses from people who’ve had an experience that will help advance the story,” said Lee. “We may have all the facts and figures to put the story together, but hearing from someone who’s actually been affected by the news often adds much-needed texture and voice to a story. My job is to listen to what people are saying, and report their stories to help inform the rest of the community.”

PIN is also a way for CPR to stay connected to Colorado’s community. Our statewide coverage is enhanced when we hear from people sharing their experiences. Sign up today and become a PIN member.

Photo: Lee Hill.

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Thanks to more than 7,800 listeners who pledged during the fall pledge drive, CPR met the goal and ended the drive a full day ahead of schedule. This was the biggest drive in CPR’s 40-year history. With your support, we raised almost $1,000,000 toward our $11,000,000 budget. We’re thankful that our listeners continue to invest in their community by supporting CPR and we’ll continue to look for ways to satisfy your programming needs.

Congratulations to Joy Dillon of Denver who won the Hawaii vacation package from Apple Vacations. Find a complete list of sweepstakes winners.

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Northstar Investment Advisors is an independent, registered investment advisory firm that has been a CPR underwriter for 15 years. “The public really relies on CPR’s high-quality programming to stay informed,” said Fred Taylor, co-founder of Northstar Investment Advisors. “We value the service that CPR provides, which is the main reason we’ve been proud supporters for so many years."

Fred enjoys listening to reports from CPR’s Andrea Dukakis and also lists Linda Wertheimer as a favorite NPR reporter.

Photo: Fred Taylor.